Awesome Stainless Steel Pyramid - Do It Yourself Project Of Sheet Metal

stainless steel sheet metal pyramidAwesome Stainless Steel Pyramid - Do It Yourself Project Of Sheet Metal

This DIY project of one of our customers was really awesome.
A few weeks back the customer requested us to fabricate a pyramid out of stainless steel sheet metal.

Here is the link to that post from July 20, 2016.

Stainless steel sheet metal - pyramid stainless steel sheet metal pyramid

The project of turning stainless steel sheet metal into a pyramid is and was quite unique.The customer at that time explained us a little about his project, and energy that could be photographed.

Well to make a long story short and needless to say the customer is more then happy with the result.
Here is what he has made out of the metal pyramid.

Very impressive.

At this point we like to thank our customer for providing the pictures and giving us the opportunity to learn.

Here are some pictures provided by our happy customer.

stainless steel sheet metal pyramid finished

stainless steel sheet metal pyramid finished

Here is what our customer said about his project:

This is Leonard F. I was the gentlemen who bought the pyramid mold from you a month ago. I just want to tell how incredibly pleased I am with the mold. Thank you so much! Such professional quality! I would highly recommend you to anyone else looking for work with metal! Here is an example of what I created with it! :)

At the bottom, a photo was taken by a kirlian photography camera capturing a double helix energy signature at the tip of it being released from the sacred geometry of the shape itself. Hope you enjoy it :)

And thanks again!


Yes, thank you Leonard. This is amazing.

Your MetalsCut4U Team

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