1/16" Stainless Steel Custom Made Shelf Stand

1/16" Stainless Steel Custom Made Shelf Stand

At MetalsCut4U we get all kind of interesting DIY projects send to, where the customer needs a special sheet metal cut and even bend and welded.
Now, if and when the 14 different metal shapes we have online for you to configure and build the sheet metal part you really need, then you have the option to send us in your drawing.

Customer designed cabinet shelf with stainless steel brushed standCustom Shelf Stand - drawing

Now this is an example where the customer had a very high sophisticated drawing ready for us to quote on.
By sending in the drawing and specifying the sheet metal you want we are happy to send you a free quote based on your drawing.

But don't get us wrong, the sample shown here is great work and shows everything we need to generate an offer where the sheet metal is calculated, the custom bends and possibly even welding can be included.
Although we love to get CAD and 3D drawings where we can see what you are planning the sheet metal to be used for, we also work from drawings like this:

custom made tray or box with lip

Both drawings are fine with us. Just send them as a PDF or a picture format so we can be sure that we can open the files

After we have the drawing and the specifications of the sheet metal required, we generate a free quote which you will be send, along with an login account on our website to review the quote.
If you like what you see you can go ahead and order the custom cut sheet metal part online.

We start fabricating the part and when it is finished and ready to be shipped we will send you automatically a shipping notification with a tracking number, that you then can use to track your sheet metal part package.

Here you can have a look at the shelf stand right after inspection and ready to be packaged and shipped.

Sheet Metal: Stainless Steel
Metal Thickness: 1/16"
Shape: based on customer drawing (infold hat channel)
Specialties: additional holes needed to be provided

Stainless steel hat channel infold holes

Order your stainless steel sheet metal part online - try it now - it is so easy!

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