Aluminum: A Natural Earth-based Element That We Cannot Live Without

Aluminum: A Natural Earth-based Element That We Cannot Live Without!

We hear a lot about aluminum, but don't know its uses. But did you know that this silvery-white and ductile metallic element is actually the most abundant element in the earth's crust and in the same time found only in combination?

Aluminum Sheet Metal custom cut

There are several forms and presences in which aluminum can occur. From foods in low concentration to various pharmaceuticals and even the drinking (tap) water, it is an element that is known for its reaction to water, oxygen and acids. However, high levels of aluminum are toxic for our bodies - which is why most of its use relates to the alloys, where it dominates in a lot of forms.

The Versatile Properties Of Aluminum & Its History

The truth is, aluminum can form light, hard and corrosion-resistant alloys, being a non-toxic, non-magnetic and non-sparking element. Known to be the ultimate discovery from the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, it dates back to thousands of years ago - or millions of years ago when forming the basis of the earth's crust.

That being said, we can definitely conclude that like it or not, we are dependent on aluminum as an essential element in our existence. In fact, the world has taken advantage of it in the best way possible, using aluminum as an element in cutlery, automobile parts, boat and ship production, statues, paint tubes, airplane components, recycling parts as well as soda cans. Like it or not, the versatility of aluminum as an element proves that it can be used and repurposed a lot of times without making a single compromise to each use.

Aluminum shapes you can order online

While we offer aluminum sheet metal in the quality 5052-H32, just to get one time more technical, there are many other different qualities of aluminum available. The aluminum sheet metal we use is the most common, and is also the easiest to work with considering the different stages the metal goes through when you order a metal part from us.

It is hard enough to bend, it is better than others to weld.

We offer 3 different thicknesses and another 3 thickness covering the diamond (tread) plate surface.
The thicknesses we offer for the mill finish surface are: 1/32" , 1/16" and 1/8"
The thicknesses we offer for the diamond plate sheet metal are: 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"

As always you can choose from 14 different shapes and can enter your own measurements to get your individual aluminum sheet metal based metal part.

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