Aluminum Sheet Metal - Order Online In 14 Different Forms and Shapes

Aluminum Sheet Metal - Order Online and choose from 14 Different Forms and Shapes

Aluminum sheet metal can be ordered online as a rectangle, triangle, circle, divided circle, frame and rectangle with a centered hole
We also offer aluminum sheet metal that we bend like an angel, Hat-Channel, U-Channel, J-Channel or a Z-Channel
If you need something welded, ask us. but the tray / box made out of sheet metal has the option to be welded.

Aluminum sheet metal, shapes and forms

You can order all these metal forms and shapes online by using our 4 step ordering process, now even easier than ever before.

By defining which metal you want /
the surface and the thickness your selection of 14 different shapes and forms is ready. All you have to do now is to enter the measurements you really need.

Say, you do not want a standard 90 degree angle you want 45 or 145 degrees! Absolutely no problem for us.
Choose the metal you want and enter the measurements of the angle you really, really need. Nothing else

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