ANNOUNCING - New Features to Make Your Sheet Metal Part More Specific

ANNOUNCING - New Features to Make Your Sheet Metal Part More Specific

It is done!
You now can specify cutouts within your custom sheet metal shape yourself

Aluminum Rectangle with CAD cutouts

technical drawing to laser cut aluminum rectangle with cutouts

You can now customize the shape you have pre-configured in size and add holes and cutouts to it as you see fit.

You can easily add additional cutouts to your sheet metal circle, ring or partial circle and triangle

Its done within the 4 easy steps MetalsCut4U is famous for.
Just use the "Customize my Shape" - button and get access to our new CAD app allowing you to add holes and cutouts to your pre-sized sheet metal shape.

Customized sheet Metal circle customized sheet metal ring customized partial circle

It is - as always - very easy to use.

The cost of fabricating your sheet metal part you just configured will be calculated immediately!
You can order it online right now and receive a link to a technical drawing once you receive your order confirmation.

Again, all done within the east 4 step configuration process at MetalsCut4U

Step 1: Choose your Metal (Aluminum - Stainless Steel - Carbon (mild) steel)
Step 2: Choose the Finish of the sheet metal selected
Step 3: Choose the thickness the sheet metal should have
Step 4: Choose the metal shape you want and specify the size and possibly the cutouts you need

Order your sheet metal part!

Try it - it is easy!
No requests for quotes needed anymore. Configure and specify the sheet metal you need online!

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U!

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