Build Your Own Kick Plate Online

Build Your Own Kick Plate - Online

To protect your door you will need a sheet metal kick plate. Build it online in 4 easy steps.Kick Plate build online

Sheet Metal - Aluminum
Sheet Metal - Stainless Steel
Sheet Metal - Carbon Steel

These are the metal kind you can choose from. But that is not all which you will have to decide.

Which metal finish would you like?
You will have the choice between a straight mill finish surface or a diamond plate surface, depending on in which environment you want to use it in, or simply what you like most.

Here are some samples the way they could look.

Aluminum Diamond Kick plate This is a aluminum diamond plate finish.

Stainless Steel kick plate Stainless Steel sheet metal, brushed #3

Steel kick plate diamond finish Carbon Steel (mild steel) sheet metal, diamond

What you will also need to decide on is the individual size of the sheet metal you want to attach to the door.
Now to be open with you, the original version will not have any holes and we do not supply any screws.
Based on our experience the holes always need to be in a different place, so we decided that
a) either you want to drill them or
b) you will send us a rough drawing of the kick plate you want with the measurements and we will be happy to quote you a individual price or
c) you decide to attach the kick plate with an appropriate adhesive

Whichever way you decide to go, we will be happy to help.

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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