Configure Your Custom Made Metal Z-Channel For Free In Just 30 Seconds

Configure Your Custom Made Metal Z-Channel For Free In Just 30 Seconds

Configuring a custom piece of metal made out of Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel in just 30 seconds is really possible at MetalsCut4U. By answering 4 simple questions and entering your specs for the metal piece you would like to have, you can configure your metal just the way you need it.

Today we are very fortunate that one of our customers actually gave us some inside on how he used a simple metal Z-Channel for his DIY bike project.

Stainless Steel, mirror finish, Z-Channel

Configuring a Z-Channel is very easy.
You choose the metal you want, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel.
you choose the finish. In this particular case it was a stainless steel mirror finish
and you choose the thickness you think is opprobriate.
Then you choose the shape you require.

The Z-Channel among other 14 different shapes like rectangle, angle, circle, triangle and so on needs 4 measurements to describe the Z-Channel, which we will then cut and bend out of the sheet metal selected

Metal z-channel, Z-Channel, configuration, build, measurements

After entering your specific measurements you will get a price and can order the metal part you just have successfully configured.

Here are some more pictures our customer provided us.
The small metal z-channel made such a difference for our customer.
He said: The piece you made for me came out perfect. I drilled the holes I needed, polished the back and bends to a mirror finish and mounted on my bike.

Stainless Steel, Z-Channel, Mirror Finish

sheet metal stainless steel mirror finish z-channel

Thank you Mr. H. for providing us the pictures and giving us all an inside what can be done.

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