Configure your Metal Part In a Few Easy Steps With MetalsCut4U

Configure your Metal Part In a Few Easy Steps With MetalsCut4U

Custom metal fabrication is on the rise especially for DIY enthusiasts who have home improvement projects and need a custom hat channel or corner guard made to specific measurements. By custom metal fabrication we mean to fabricate the metal part to the exact length, width, size, and shape. Chances are that you will not find the corner guard or you won’t be able to go for custom sheet metal online at your local hardware store. This is where our online custom sheet metal fabrication comes to your rescue.

Now, instead of trying to find find the exact metal part with your size requirements in a store you can configure the metal part online. We offer you to configure exactly what you need from the comfort of your home and ship it to your address. There is no need to place a bulk order, we fabricate a single piece of metal and we will deliver it right at your doorstep.

Metal Part Configuration

Our website can help you to get your hands on your own custom-made metal part.  You can shop for a customized stainless steel frame that can be cut to the size of your stove for instance. Cutting a stainless steel circle as a tabletop can also be nice to prevent your table from getting stained as stainless steel can be wiped clean easily with water and mild soap. 

The online configuration of a metal part can sound confusing. But when you work with us you don’t have to be worried about going through a lengthy procedure in order to configure a metal part. Our four-step configuration process makes it very easy for you to customize a metal part based on your specifications. 

Why you should consider online metal fabrication?

If you are someone who loves to tackle DIY projects and trying to work on various home improvement projects that involve sheet metal as a basis and need specific measurements you know how difficult it is to find the exact pieces. Even if you find a fabricator in the market who can help you customize the metal as per your liking, they might want you to order in large numbers.

In this age where everything can be bought online, it can be very convenient to configure metal parts online as well. You can specify the measurements you require online for each of the 14 shapes you can configure online. No need of going to different metal fabricators for cutting, bending or welding of your metal part. You can get everything done under one roof. 

In 4 easy steps, you can configure what you need. Choose from 3 different metal kinds, the finish and the thickness and specify the desired shapes measurements. That’s all!

You can even add holes and other cutouts to your shape while configuring your corner guard or hat-channel our team of skilled metalworkers will take care of the rest. From a steel hat channel to a rectangle metal sheet you can configure and buy all of these items on our website.

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U! 

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