Cool New Sheet Metal Projects - DIY Enthusiasts

Cool New Sheet Metal Projects - DIY Enthusiasts

Most of the times we publish what you have ordered over the last week or so. Showing that you can order only one metal part if that is what you need.
Configuring online your sheet metal part in 4 easy to understand steps.
In most cases we do not know what the final purpose for that particular custom made, custom cut sheet metal part is.

Aluminum Diamond Plate Box Tray

We would like to change that.

We would like to ask you to send in pictures of your final diy project, showing your peers and fellow diy enthusiasts what you had in mind when configuring a sheet metal part like a z channel, hat channel or a triangle.

If you want we can even publish a small statement of yours describing your diy project and give others an idea how creative you are.

Here are some examples of last weeks projects we cut, bend and welded for you.

Aluminum Diamond Plate hat channel Stainless Steel mirror finish tray Stainless Steel rectangle

Stainless Steel rectangle with centered hole

Stainless Steel U channel and rectangle

Let us know what the finial purpose of the custom metal parts you have ordered with us are.
Thank you. We are looking forward to your pictures and DIY metal ideas

Sheet Metal - Aluminum - Stainless Steel - Carbon Steel
we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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