Cool Stuff Laser Cut For You

Cool Stuff Laser Cut For You

You need a piece of sheet metal laser cut to your specifications - chances are we can help you

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You have great ideas when it comes to use sheet metal.
Most of the laser cut sheet metal are geometric shapes and in 99.9% of the time we do not know what the final purpose is.

Some of our customers send us pictures of the finished project and here are some examples of them

Steel Company Logo
Steel Company Logo

Aluminum Box

Aluminum Box, custom made to hold an oxygen tank on a wheel chair

Custom Laser Cut Rectangle with custom cutouts

Steel Panel to cover up a new breaker box

Aluminum license plate aluminated

Aluminum license plate - based on customer drawing

Stainless Steel frame for stove

Stainless Steel Frame configured online

Aluminum diamond plate corner guard

Diamond Plate Corner Guard configured online

Stainless Steel pyramid

Stainless Steel Pyramid - based on customer drawing

and many get the idea....

we would like to see your final project where you have either configured your shape online on our calculation page or where you have send us your individual request with a drawing that helps us to understand how we can help you.

You can also visit our Gallery to see more of your projects and maybe you get your inspiration for your project.

Thank you for sending in your pictures of your finalized sheet metal project.

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