Custom Cut CPU-Cooler made out of Stainless Steel

Cool CPU-Coller Project Cut Out Of Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Another great project from one of our customers.
It is a bracket designed to be a CPU cooler.

When our customer first addressed us, we really did not know what it was all about.
All we had was a CAD file which showed this, and the fact that it was to be cut out of stainless steel sheet metal.
Based on the file and other details, we were able to generate a quote and accept the order to cut this custom cut
stainless steel CPU - cooler bracket for him.

CAD File for a bracket CPU cooler Stainless Steel

Now we go the first picture when it arrived at our customer shipping destination.
We hope we will get another picture once it is assembled and functioning.

Custom Laser Cut CPU Cooler finished

Stay tuned for an update.

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