Custom Cut Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Cut To Rings

Custom Cut Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Cut To Rings

Configuring, building a Ring on our website is as easy as 1-2-3.

Configuring a sheet metal ring

You choose the sheet metal kind you want. At MetalsCut4U you can choose from aluminum, stainless steel and steel. Then you choose the surface or the finish of the metal you have need. The surface may vary from the sheet metal option you have chosen.
Lastly you pick the sheet metal thickness.
Now you select the shape or form the sheet metal should be cut for you and enter the required measurements.

Well in this case the customer wanted something we did not have offer within our 14 different shapes and forms to custom cut sheet metal.

The customer inquired us, and the rest is just history.

Needless to say it was easy enough for us to fulfill the customers order.
And here it is. 6 half rings custom cut out of stainless steel.

Custom cut stainless steel ring

Now, what you see here is only one of the 6 pieces that customer ordered.
What you also see is a protecting paper on the "good" side of the sheet metal.
We have the protecting paper put on, so unintentional scratches can be avoided.

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