Custom Laser Cut and Bend Stainless Steel Box

Custom Laser Cut and Bend Stainless Steel Box

We love to fabricate metal based on your specifications. This awesome project was something special again.
Stainless Steel box custom made with customer specific "enhancements".

Stainless steel custom laser made box

When a customer needs something out of the ordinary hence not from our 14 shapes we offer online, we ask our customers to send us a drawing in order to

a) check out if we can meet the expectations
b) to calculate a free quote.

What we need is a drawing. It is not important how professional that drawing is a drawing by hand will do as long as we can identify what you want and all the necessary measurements are there.

Based on the drawing we will create a free quote for you.
If you like it you can order it via our online system, because we will enter the order including your metal part drawing for you.

Ordering is easy as ordering a book or anything else you probably have order online already.

The Sheet Metal, will then be laser cut, bend and in this particular project welded and cleaned.

After the project passes our mandatory inspection, the metal parts get packaged and shipped to your designated shipping address

We work with 3 different metals - Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Carbon or Mild Steel
For each metal kind we offer different finishes and thicknesses

You will have to specify which metal, which finish and which thickness you want us to custom cut, bend and weld your sheet metal part. This is also an important part of the drawing you will providing us.

You have more questions to the process? Call us or better send us your drawing and we will be happy to have a look at your drawing.

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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