Custom Made Stainless Steel Restaurant Kitchen Window

Custom Made Stainless Steel Restaurant Kitchen Window

A custom made Stainless Steel restaurant kitchen window was the project of the week.
The customer was able to give us a rough drawing which he provided and was drawn by hand.

Stainless Steel Restaurant Kitchen Window

This is often enough all we need to fabricate a custom made metal project of your DIY project.

In addition we received a second picture of a preexisting stainless steel window, so we knew where we where heading too.

Customer Kitchen Opening for Stainless Steel Frame

Based on the provided information we then where able to start our planing and drawing process for the final go by the customer.

We send him a CAD drawing with all the measurements.

Stainless Steel CAD drawing

This project took us about 2 days longer then anticipated but at the end it was packaged and shipped to the customer in time for him to install it.

If you have a similar DIY project, and are not able to solve it with our 14 different shapes you can configure online on our website, then please feel free to send us your individual request by email of use our upload capabilities on the individual request page.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Window Frame

Ready for shiping the stainless steel customer window frame

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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