Diamond Plate Sheet Metal Configured Online in 4 Easy Steps

Diamond Plate Sheet Metal Configured Online in 4 Easy Steps

You can configure 14 different shapes online all by answering 4 easy questions.
Rectangle, circle, triangle, angle, u channel, hat channel, Z channel are just a few to be named

Aluminum Diamond Plate Hat channel

After you have ordered your individual sheet metal by placing an online order we start fabricating the metal you have ordered.

As you may know laser cutting sheet metal is the best way to cut metal. Next to being very precise it can be very fast, depending on the thickness of the metal to be cut.
So the first step is to program the laser with the measurements you have provided through your online configuration order. At the laser cutter the to be cut sheet metal needs to be positioned on a cutting table.
The cutting table is driven into the laser cutting area where the laser itself identifies the size and the position of the sheet metal on the cutting table.
Depending on the sheet metal and if it has a protecting foil on it to prevent scratches the laser runs the shape once or twice. See in this attached very short video

After the sheet metal has been cut by the laser the next step to get to the hat channel you see above is the break.
Depending on the thickness of the metal and the size of the actual sheet metal part that is being bend the break-machine has to be set up.

The next step is cleaning the sheet metal from any deburr and is handed of the our quality inspection before it is going to be packaged.

Safely packaged sheet metal part

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