Few of The Many Things We Can Help You To Customize For Your DIY Project

Few of The Many Things We Can Help You To Customize For Your DIY Project

When it comes to metal fabrication, preciseness and experience are two of the major aspects that contribute towards a successful metal fabrication project. When you wish to start a DIY project, the most essential thing that you need is the right type of metal part that will suit your needs. 


It is equally important to find a metal fabricator who can help you in configuring that metal part that you require. While looking for custom sheet metal fabrication services online, it can be very difficult to choose the right type of fabricator out of the so many fabricators out there in the market.


However, what you need to figure out is that you need to work with such a metal fabricator who will be able to sell you a single unit of the metal parts you require. As most of the metal fabricators mostly deal in industrial production, it is rare to find one such metal fabricator who is willing to fabricate a single quantity of metal parts- even the smallest ones.


This is when MetalsCut4U.com comes to your rescue. We make sure to configure metal products as per your requirements and deliver the product right at your doorstep. Let us have a look at the various types of DIY projects ideas that you can carry out with our help. 

We offer 14 different shapes and you can configure them by selecting the metal kind, the finish and the thickness. A rectangle, for instance, can be used in so many ways like i.e.  


1. Stainless steel backsplash

Stainless Steel Backsplash 

One of the most common problems faced in a kitchen are stained walls. We can help you get rid of these stains and spots from your walls. Stainless steel is best known to resist stain marks or grease. It is also easy to clean and unless exposed to harsh chemicals, it retains its shine very well. All you have to do is provide measurements of the backsplash and we will fabricate it for you. 

2. An angle can be used as a corner guard or as a bracket 

Aluminum Diamond Plate Corner Guard Custom Fabricated Corner Guard

Say you need metal corner guards


Chipped wall corners? You don’t have to keep them repainting again and again. Just install some metal corner guards and the wall will be protected from daily wear and tear. configure the corner guard as you need them. Define the bend radius and even the side walls as you need them. Need holes to attach the corner guards no problem. Do it all in 4 easy steps.


3. The shape of a stainless steel tabletop could be round or rectangular.

Stainless Steel Table Top
By choosing the right shape for your project many shapes can be used for many different things. It’s all in your imagination. 


Stainless steel is one metal type that looks extremely appealing. Hence, it is used in various DIY projects. One of the more special metal application is as a tabletop. When a stainless steel tabletop is installed it does not retain any stains or grease. It becomes very easy for you to clean the table with simply a washcloth and mild soap. 


Apart from these, you can fabricate various other items like steel hat channel, metal U channel, frames and much more.

14 shapes of metal to configure online
To know more browse through our gallery of metal products we have fabricated so far. If you have a design in your mind then get in touch with us and we will fabricate it for you.

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