Flexibility Is Key When Configuring A Metal Angle Online

Flexibility Is Key When Configuring A Metal Angle Online

Flexibility Is Key When Configuring A Metal Angle Online

You can buy a metal angle online, the only problem is that the angle or corner guard is pre-defined.
You have no way to specify the corner guard angle the way you need it.

Angles with 1 inch long sides with an 90 degree angle is a standard corner guard.

Metal Corner Guard

Configure your corner guard where you can spec out the sides, the total length and the angle in which the sheet metal is going to be bend with 4 easy steps.

You start by selecting the metal you need. Choose from sheet metal made out of Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon Steel
Each of the sheet metal are offered in different finishes and thicknesses. Choose the one that fits your DIY project the best.
Last but not least select the shape you want.
When you need a bend in the metal, we offer angle / corner guard, U-Channel or J-Channel, we even fabricate hat-channels and Z-Channels
Choose the one you need.

Once you have selected the angle also called corner guard you enter your specific measurements
Enter the length of each leg individually. This way you can define a longer and a shorter leg if that's what you need
Enter the total length of the angle to have it just fit perfectly
Enter the degree the angle should be bend in

Now does that not spell flexibility?

Here are some pictures of projects we did for our customers already

Aluminum Angle corner guard angle Corner Guard bracket Steel bracket angle corner guard custom made

Be it long or short, out of aluminum or steel, one or many.
It is your choice and you can do it all - online!!!

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