Have a Look At Our Four Step Configuration Process

Have a Look At Our Four Step Configuration Process

Have a Look At Our Four Step Configuration Process

There are times when you might want to try a DIY project but you j

ust hold the thought to yourself because you cannot find the right metal part. With MetalsCut4U.com you don’t have to stress about finding the perfect metal part for your project anymore. We provide the best metal customization experience to our customers. Our Online laser cutting services makes it easy for you to configure the metal part you need no matter which dimensions the part has. It is very easy to configure a metal part in just four steps.

All you need to do is enter the specifications online such as what measurements you want and what type of material you want to work with. The best part about working with us is that there is no minimum order quantity which you need to order on our website. You can configure various metal parts on our website. We will fabricate the metal to your exact desired shape and size and ship it to your doorstep.

How can you customize the metal parts?

In only 4 easy steps you can customize your own metal parts and even had cutouts like holes while you are at it. We offer 14 different shapes which we can cut, bend and weld based on your size requirements. If you are not looking for any of the available shapes, you can email us a drawing of the designs and we will have a look at it. 

We fabricate metal products whit the highest quality and meet tight margins. You can have a look at our website where you will come across our four-step configuration process which makes it easy for you to configure your required metal part. 

Let us have a closer look at the four-step configuration process:

Selecting the metal type

four step configuration process

Based on your project requirements, you need to select the type of metal you want to work with. Stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel are the most used and preferred metal kinds when it comes to DIY projects. Choosing the type of metal will depend on various factors like the purpose of use of the finished metal part as well as for instance where the metal part will be installed and used. 

Selecting the finish/surface type

We provide different types of finishes depending on the metal you choose. There is the mill finish, the brushed finish, the mirror finish, and the diamond plate also known as tread plate. This finish is specifically designed for the purpose of creating a non-slippery surface. 

3.Selecting the thickness

Once you have selected the metal type you want to work with and the finish you prefer you can move ahead and decide the type of thickness you need for your metal project. After selecting the thickness, you can select the shape of the metal that you want. We have 14 different shapes available for you to choose from. From basic shapes like a circle or square, we also fabricate hat channels and Z channels U channels, angels and trays out of sheet metal. Nothing is sitting in our shelves ready to be shipped, everything needs to be planed, laser cut and fabricated based on your order specifications.  

4.Specifying the dimensions

When you have selected the shape you want to configure you need to specify the measurements you require. Let’s say yo want to fabricate a metal corner guard. Select the shape angle and specify the width of each leg the total length of the corner guard and the angle of the bend radius you need. It does not have to be necessarily a 90-degree angle. Specify anything between 35 and 179 degrees. Be assured, we will make every effort that the finished results exceed your expectations.

Customized Rectangle
Customized Metal Rectangle

Last but not least while you specify the outer dimensions of your selected shape you may want to add a cutout like a hole to your metal part. You can do so by selecting the “customize my shape” button. Only at MetalsCut4U, you can add holes and other cutouts to your metal part without the need to provide a CAD drawing or a sketch. This was exclusively developed for MetalsCut4U. The CAD app has deliberately a limited functionality to make it as easy as possible for your use. Even if you are not a designer and a CAD specialist. The functionality provided will cover most of your requirements without the need to be an expert or even buy an expensive external CAD program. Give it a try - it is as easy as 1-2-3!

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