Here are The Measures MetalsCut4U Has Taken To Thrive During The Pandemic

Here are The Measures MetalsCut4U Has Taken To Thrive During The Pandemic

Here are The Measures MetalsCut4U Has Taken To Thrive During The Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to take a toll on the world, no industry is spared from the effects of this pandemic. During such uncertain times, as a provider of laser metal cutting services online, we are striving to do our best to keep functioning in the safest manner possible without compromising on efficiency. Our team has come up with various measures which ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. In this blog, we have compiled some of the measures that we have adopted which allows us to function smoothly and safely. 

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As the demand for our metal products remains the same, it was impossible for us to stop the fabrication process. Hence, we took some measures to ensure safety. The first thing we did was to split our team into half, meaning team 1 is working from Monday to Wednesday, and team 2 works from Thursday to Saturday. This was done in the back office as well as in the shop. The safest way to work is by physical distancing and therefor having a minimum count of staff in the office and in the shop. For those employees who are working during these times, we have provided protective gears and it is mandatory to wear them while they work. We have provided masks as well as special uniforms to our team in the shop. 

We have also made sure that we do not communicate with anyone in person. We have strict rules to communicate only via video conferences, phone calls, or emails. As our shop is working, we have to order supplies so that all orders are handled with the shortest possible lead time. Whenever we receive supplies we let it sit for 72 hours based on the recommendations we received. Only after that, we start using these supplies for the projects that need to be fabricated. We are well aware that it is our responsibility to stay up to date with the orders of the local government during such times. Hence, our team has almost daily calls with the state and local governments to learn about any updated rules and regulations. So in case, there are any new or changed rules we make sure to implement them immediately.

When we ship our orders, we make sure that the pickups are 100% contactless. We have coordinated with our courier partners to ensure contactless pickups for the orders. So when you work with us, you don’t have to worry. Due to the new precautions, we might see a little longer lead time.

About us:

MetalsCut4U is an online metal fabrication platform that allows our customers to configure metal parts according to their requirements. We specialize in B2C (business to consumer) orders and therefore allow you to order a single metal part for your individual DIY projects. Our four-step configuration process makes it easy for you to place an order while specifying your measurements. You can buy a stainless steel sheet online

Stainless Steel sheet onlinefrom our website and we will fabricate it into the desired size and shape. You can choose from various metal types depending on the type of project you are working on. Once we are ready to ship your online order it will be packaged safely and delivered right to your doorstep. 

Get in touch with us, if our online metal configurator does not cover everything you may need. We will be happy to look into your requirements and evaluate if we can help you anyway.

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