Highlight Projects - Custom Made Metal Fabrication

Highlight Projects - Custom Made Metal Fabrication

Let's have a quick review of some sheet metal projects our customers asked us to fabricate for them.

Sheet Metal Projects highlights 2017

Next to the 14 shapes of metal you can configure and order online at any time 24/7 you can also inquire about special requests you may have.

All you need to do is to contact us via one of two ways

a) use our individual request button, describe what you would like to have even attach a sketch or a drawing
b) send us an email to info@metalscut4u.com

In both cases we will have a look at your custom metal project and check if we can fulfill your request.
Here are some things we checking:

- physically can we actually fabricate it
- do we have all the dimensions and sizes
- do we have or can get the metal you request

If these and a few other things are all positive we then start calculating and send you a free quote.

To send you a free quote we need your full billing and shipping address as we would like to inform you about what the your custom made metal part would cost you for shipping as well.

Once your receive our free quote you can order the custom metal part on our website - just follow the instructions given at the time.

But don't forget we offer you already 14 different shapes of sheet metal which you can configure online in 4 simple steps.
Select the metal, the thickness and the finish and define the shapes requested measurements.
We offer you to configure
- Metal Rectangles / Squares
- Metal Rectangle with an inner circle
- Metal Circles
- Metal Divided Circle
- Metal Triangles (isosceles and right triangle)
- Metal Frames
- Metal Rings
- Metal Angle or Corner Guards
- Metal U channel
- Metal Hat channel
- Metal Z channel
- Metal Tray of box

All shapes are offered in Aluminum sheet metal, Stainless Steel sheet metal and mild (carbon) steel sheet metal, offered in different thicknesses and finishes.

Try it - it is so easy!

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it -4U

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