How Does Your Angel / Bracket / Corner Guard Have To Look?

How Does Your Custom Made Metal Angle / Bracket / Corner Guard Have To Look?

Typically you go to any DIY store and buy angle and hope that either they have a cutting service or you have the right tool to cut the angle to the length you actually need.
But what happens when your Corner Guard / Bracket has to be just a little bit different?

Custom fabricated Angle

The answer is actually easy. You build your angle, corner guard or bracket online yourself.
After choosing the metal, the thickness and the finish you can actually build and configure the angle just the way you need it.

Just define the leg size individually and the total length of the angle. Last but not least you get to define in which angle the two sides have to be bend.

That's it.

Here are some example of what we mean.

aluminum angle with a greater 90 degree angleThis aluminum custom made angle with a greater 90 degree angle was configured / build online by entering the
measurements required.

Or is it this what you want?

Custom made Corner Guard Diamond PlateA more classic corner guard. Here we still have a 90 degree angle but the length of each leg is different so it fits perfectly for the garage door as seen in the picture here.

There are almost unlimited configurations of corner guards, angle or brackets. Just see for yourself.
Here are some more fine examples of what our customers have thought of. Unfortunately we do not receive pictures from our customers very often so here are some more examples what was online configured by our customers.

Steel Angle, bracket corner gurad

steel angle corner guard

Custom fabricated metal angle with holes

In case you need some holes or cut outs in your bracket we will be happy to do so. All we need is you to send us a sketch or a drawing of where the cut outs need to be placed.

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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