How Does Your Custom Laser Cut Metal Circle Have To Look?

How Does Your Custom Laser Cut Metal Circle Have To Look?

Laser cut metal circles are actually one of our top sellers.
How does your sheet metal circle have to look?

Stainless Steel Circles

Circles can be configured by just entering one measurement. That measurement is the radius of the circle. The radius is half of a diameter. Please make sure to enter the radius when you configure the circle made out of sheet metal.

The maximum radius you can configure is 23.921 inch, so the total diameter would be almost 48 inch. A pretty big metal part.

Did you know you can actually also configure a half of a circle. To configure a partial circle you need to chose the divided circle symbol and enter the radius and then the degree of the circle you would like to have. So if you need a half of a circle you enter 180 degrees. Or if you need a quarter of a circle you enter 90 degrees. That's how easy it is!
Select the sheet metal you want (Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon Steel) and enter the measurements as you need the to be.

Here are some more examples of sheet metal circles that our customers configured online.

Stainless Steel Table top

aluminum circle

steel circle with custom cut-outs

and many , many more.
Configure your sheet metal circle online or if you need a cut-out send us a simple sketch so we can calculate and send you a free quote

It's that easy!

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