How Laser Metal Cutting Service Assures Unmatched Precision to Your Project

How Laser Metal Cutting Service Assures Unmatched Precision to Your Project

Have you undertaken a project recently and are wondering if the fabricators will be able to give the sheet metal the precise shape and perfection? Well, at Metals Cut 4U we have various ways to structure what you have in mind by using our laser metal cutting service. You must have heard about laser metal cutting somewhere in the past, afterall it has been around for close to 50 years now! And has proven to be a flexible and efficient means of sheet metal fabrication. Currently, it's still one of the most cost-effective and accurate sheet metal production methods available. Here's why we prefer laser cutting:

Low cost in operating

Like most other manufacturing processes, the cost of laser cutting is determined by labour, operation, and machine costs (tools, dies, upkeep, etc.) and because laser cutting is a highly automated CNC method, our labour costs compared to hand-operated machinery are minimal. In comparison to other cutting techniques, operating costs and machine costs fall in the middle of the road.

In addition, because a laser doesn't get dull or worn out, we don't need to worry about the mid-process die changeover. That implies that the larger the order you place, the more cost-effective laser cutting becomes, because we can need to only switch it on and let it run. The bigger your order, the more cost-effective it will be for the entire process.

Overall, laser cutting is not the cheapest cutting technology available, but for most projects - particularly compared to waterjet or hand cutting processes - it is more than affordable.

Speed and efficiency

A laser can move as fast as 20-70" per minute and the exact speed will vary depending on the tolerances and intricacies of the parts. A combination of multi-head laser or multiple lasers working at once increases the manufacturing speed.


Did you know that the laser cutters are fully operated by CNC controls? What it means is that the formulas entered into the computer produced identical parts without errors—it ensures fewer defects per batch.

Refined precision

Laser cutting at tight tolerances can create unbelievably small cuts. That's the tradeoff: the more accuracy you want, the slower you move the laser. This extremely detailed capability, however, is unique to laser cutting. So, if you need complicated cuts, the only form of cutting that will do the job well is laser cutting. Laser cut edges and curves are clean, sharp and smooth. They result in very little blurring, if any, because the laser melts rather than cuts the metal physically.

Thicker metals affect the cut quality, and a laser will leave some dross (melted metal scum) behind on thick metals,this is the only thing to consider if very thick sheets of metal are required for your project. Apart from this scourge, the majority of laser cutting projects involve little to no cleanup.

Highly versatile

Cost, speed, automation, and accuracy come together to make metal laser cutting services ideal for any product or project of any size. It makes a lot of things straightforward and simple, including:

  • Prototypes

  • Industrial orders

  • Delicate designs

  • Lager cutouts

Automation allows fabrication within the cutting process, without the switching of dies or the movement of sheet metal. These lasers are capable of making holes, slots, tabs and other cutting operations without interrupting the cutting process. If you don't need tight tolerances, the laser can move very quickly to produce parts at incredible speeds. This makes laser cutting fantastic for a wide range of projects.

Is Laser Cut Right For You?

Laser cutting might be the best option for you if your project description requires large orders, tight tolerances and intricate designs. There are plenty of metal laser cutting services available if you're not sure, and we're happy to discuss whether laser cutting is right for your project if you prefer to speak directly to an expert.

So pick up that phone and call us 440-822-6381 today!

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