Laser Cut Custom Made Sheet Metal Projects

Laser Cut Custom Made Sheet Metal Projects

We always are looking to show you the laser cut custom made sheet metal projects.

Diamond Plate rectangle

See which were ordered online using our metal configurator and which one was even more individual

There are 4 easy to follow steps if you need one of the 14 shapes we offer on our sheet metal configurator page.

You can configure the sheet metal, by selecting the metal itself, the surface and the thickness and by lastly choosing from the 14 different shapes available and enter the measurements you need.

Custom made circle sheet metal Aluminum hat channel cap channel, hat profile

Stainless Steel Rectangle and Square

These shapes shown can be easily be configured in our 4 step configuration process. Once the order is received, we will program the laser to cut the sheet metal to the size required.
Some shapes obviously need a second or even a third step to make your sheet metal order ready for inspection and shipping.
Shapes like hat channel or profiles need a second metal fabrication step of bending the metal to the shape you have configured.
The tray, box or pan has the option to choose if the corners should be welded and cleaned, so this would be an additional step to service your sheet metal order.

Need more individuality in the order?

You need a hole in your sheet metal part or an extra bend, or even a complete different shape. Well that should not be a challenge we would ignore.
The process of order it online is just a little different.

In a case where you need just a little bit more then what you could configure online you send us a drawing. The drawing can be made by hand but if you can draw the item you want if a CAD program we would like to have that file as well.
You can send us the drawing either by clicking on the individual request form or be sending an email to
After you specifying all the details, we calculate it and give you a free quote from which you then can order via our website.

See what customers have ordered on a even more individual basis.

Steel bracket custom made with hoes

Stainless Steel Circles with cut-outs

Or you can always call us and we find the best way to communicate with you through that channel.

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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