Latest Cool Metal Projects

Latest Cool Metal Projects

Latest Cool Metal Projects

We are always helping our DIY enthusiasts with customized metal parts.
For the most of those metal parts they are simple shaped metal parts but fit the purpose of our customers.

Customize Rectangle Online CAD App

In this particular case the customer needed a metal rectangle laser cut to the size required but with holes and cutouts within that rectangle.

While we do not know for which specific purpose the customer needs this part but he was able to specify this online with our latest update to our website, offering you simplified CAD software capabilities, where you can specify things like holes and cutouts in size and position.

The system is able to calculate the additional services online and once you order you will receive a technical drawing linked to your order confirmation.

Technical CAD drawing

Here is a look at some other projects our customer where able to configure online within 4 easy steps

Aluminum U-Channel and angle custom angle degree

Aluminum Hat-Channel and square

Carbon Steel Circle

No matter which purpose these custom metal parts are being meant for. We wish you great success.

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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