Metal Art - Interventions by Rhia Hurt

Metal Art - Interventions by Rhia Hurt

Metal Art - Interventions by Rhia Hurt

At MetalsCut4U we always hope to get pictures of the final installation of all the different parts we custom cut and fabricate for you. While we can anticipate that the vast majority of the sheet metal we cut is of a more practical nature, covering DIY and home improvement projects, we have something very special today for you!

"Starburst" by Rhia Hurt

Starburst by Rhia Hurt

Rhia, contacted us a few weeks back and asked us to cut a few shapes for her.
She send us a drawing with a diamond shaped objects, with a inner cutout, which she wanted us to send her as well.

Here are some aluminum sheet metal parts we shipped to Rhia.

Aluminum Diamond shaped cutout

Rhia made something very outstanding and was generous enough to share the final presentation.

Finished metal art made out of diamond shaped aluminum sheet metal

Art information

Artist: Rhia Hurt

Title: Starburst

Media: Acrylic paint and spray paint on cut aluminum shapes, canvas, synthetic synthetic silk, and canvas stretched over wire.

Statement: Starburst is a site specific installation made for a collector's home. I am interested in color field painting and creating shaped surfaces that can integrate into architectural spaces in unexpected ways. For this project I wanted to use a combination of "imperfect" hand-made shapes and precision cut aluminum shapes for contrast. It was the first time I painted on aluminum, and it was exciting to try something new.

If you live in New York or you plan to be there in the time from February 21st through March 23rd 2018 why don't you stop by at the exhibition where Rhia is presenting her art.
Here are the details:

THE YARD at Williamsburg
33 Nassau Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY

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