New Sheet Metal Cutting Laser is installed

New Sheet Metal Cutting Laser is installed

The new sheet metal laser cutter is installed.
We invested for you into a new state of the art fiber laser cutter.

The main advantage is it is even faster and has more power.

Laser cutter, cutting sheet metal

We cut sheet metal like aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel with it.
We cut it to the size you need and then bend and weld it if necessary.

Laser bed

This is a moveable table. Actually two moveable tables which are on top of each other.
While one sheet of metal is being cut, the next sheet metal can be prepared and so we save some time.
Instead of waiting that the sheet metal that is being cut comes out, which then obviously has to be taken of, we now can do this while the other table with the next sheet metal is cutting the shapes and forms you have requested.

Laser technology for gases to be added during the cutting process

Lots of cables and hoses needed to be attached and connected so everything can work.
It took the technical team over a week to install the new laser.

Sheet metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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