New Welcome Screen For Our Awesome Sheet Metal Online Website

New Welcome Screen For Our Awesome Sheet Metal Online Website

We have a new welcome screen for our awesome website. How do you like it?

We work daily to cut, bend and weld your customized sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal online website custom cut sheet metal

We thought we could show you up front what other customers already have had individually got customized from us.
Unfortunately we did not have enough room to show all of them.

But it gives you a great overview of the things you as our customer can come up with, to support your DIY and home improvement or repair project.
In many cases we do not even know for which purpose you order a custom cut, bend and maybe welded sheet metal part.
Often it is a pure rectangle, circle or even a triangle, with individual measurements and specifications. Even U channels or Z channel profiles are build and ordered online through our 4 easy step process.

We encourage you to send us your pictures, and even a short paragraph on how you plan to use your custom cut sheet metal.

Be it aluminum, stainless steel or steel whichever sheet metal kind you are looking for. We offer 14 different shapes you can configure online, get a price and order it in one wash.

In the case you have a own unique part to be cut from sheet metal, don't hesitate to send us your drawing specifying the size and shape.
You don't even have to be a "Picasso" to do it. As long as we get the measurements and an idea of what you want, we will sure try to help you.
Needless to say that sending in your drawing is not as fast as configuring your own sheet metal part online, getting a price quote and ordering directly.

If you send us your drawing we will evaluate if we really can custom fabricate the sheet metal part you want and need.
The quote is free for you. So try it yourself at or send us an email at for your individual request.

We are looking forward to your great sheet metal ideas.

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