Order online metal parts you really need cut out of sheet metal to your specs

Order Online Metal Parts You Really Need - We Cut Sheet Metal To Your Specs!

Of course you can go to your local DIY store around the corner and by a piece of sheet metal. Why not?

Sheet Metal, Cut to specs, online order

..... you could just order it at MetalsCut4U and get your piece of metal cut and bend to your specs.

By ordering online you will not have all the potential hassle to cut and bend the metal just the way you will be needing it.
It is so easy to order online.

Answer 4 easy questions
- Which metal do you need
- The surface you like
- The thickness of the the metal and

last but not least the shape and form.
Choose from 14 different shapes and forms we offer today online.
14 metal shapes and forms, where you just have to enter the measurements of the form you have chosen.

Choose from Rectangle / Square, Circle, Triangle or Divided Circle
Choose from bend shapes such as Angles, Z-Channels, U-Channels, or do you need a Tray / Box!

Whatever you need you can specify, configure your metal part just the way you need it - and if that ain't enough
you still have the option to send us a drawing, of your customized sheet metal cut.

sheet metal cut and bend to your specs

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