Ordering Custom Cut Sheet Metal Just Got Even Easier

Ordering Custom Cut Sheet Metal Just Got Even Easier

Ordering custom cut sheet metal just got easier.
We are proud to announce our new web layout, which makes your ordering experience even better.

Order Sheet Metal online - we cut and bend to your specs

Here are some highlights of the changes we have done for you to make your shopping experience of custom cut sheet metal even more easier.

1. The Homepage got simpler, yet it gives you all the information you need to go on.
- Select "Start Now" or choose the sheet metal you want to order right from the homepage.
- Contact us directly by using one of the options - "Individual Request" or "Callback Request"
- Get a direct link to our latest Blog articles we published to tell you all about sheet metal and our custom cut sheet metal projects

Sheet Metal - all the information and start point you need on a homepage

2. We made ordering even easier and more intuitive
- Get easy to use radio selection buttons to make your choices.

Sheet metal - selection - Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel

- Every selection will open the next option - but don't worry - we kept it as easy as before
only 4 easy selections to order the sheet metal you really need
- Now you can see which form or shape you can order and configure, which we then cut, bend to your specifications

sheet metal ordering made easy -

- Select the form or shape you want - choose form 14 different icons and click on it
Now the only think you will have to enter is the measurements you need
based on the selection you will have to enter 1, 2 or more fields which describe the metal part you want
enter the measurements in decimal or in fractions, it is your choice

- the price will be calculated and displayed to you as soon as you have entered the sheet metal parts measurements and clicked on calculate.
Then, if you like the price added to your shopping cart.

Sheet metal - configuration with easy measurements

One more thing!!!

- after so many of our customers needed a tray / box where the corners where welded together,
you can now select this option within the tray / box selection and get it done, without requesting via our individual request form for sheet metals.

sheet metal tray box now with welding option

Well, that's it - just add your configured sheet metal part into the shopping cart and you are ready to order.

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