Packaging custom made sheet metal parts

Packaging custom made sheet metal parts

Packaging custom cut metal parts, can always be a challenging job.

Custom Stainless Steel tray - ready to be packaged

Packaging custom cut sheet metal

At MetalsCut4U, you know we cut almost anything for you as the end consumer. We are specialist to fabricate small orders as yours.
We welcome you to order your one piece special sheet metal part.
At the same time this can sometimes be challenging. Packing the custom cut sheet metal so you will receive it with no complaints.
Some of you have asked us in the past how we package our metal. So I here it is. Card board around it, shrink rapped in most cases
and the packaging label on it. And off it goes.

MetalsCut4U is a laser cutting service for your small orders.

You know you do not have to buy a big volume in fact if you just need one piece of your individual
custom cut and / or bend sheet metal part - that is absolutely fine with us.

In fact that is the premier reason why MetalsCut4U is actually existing:

A while back I had a need for a metal part with my specifications.
It was't very big. But my visit at the DIY Store in my area only gave me the choice
of buying much more then I actually needed.
The second challenge was that the sheet metal I was able to buy in a store I was not
able to cut to my specs. I simply had no tools to cut metal in a way it somewhat looked
So basically this was the simple idea and MetalsCut4U, the custom cut sheet metal service was

Today we offer 14 different shapes and forms, from which you can choose from.
All build and configured by answering a few simple questions and entering your
specs according to the the shape you need.
We cut and bend sheet metal to your specs!

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