Question: Is the Sheet Metal You Sell Online Magnetic?

Question: Is the Sheet Metal You Sell Online Magnetic?

This question has been fairly been asked lately so we are trying to answer it now.
Fortunately there is a simple YES or NO answer to the sheet metal that we sell online.

Carbon Steel, Mild Steel magnetic

The quick answer is: While the sheet metal carbon steel is magnetic our Stainless Steel and Aluminum sheet metal is not.

But there is more to it.

Nickel, iron and cobalt are magnetic metals. Most other metals, including gold, copper, silver and magnesium, are generally not magnetic, although some of these metals might become slightly magnetic if placed in a magnetic field.

Mainly it has to do with which components that are used and in which concentration those components are a part of the sheet metal fabricated in large mills.
We found a website for you that describes the different metals and why some metals like steel are magnetic and stainless steel is most likely not.

So have fun reading and please do come back.

Your Team at MetalsCut4U.

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