Sheet metal cut, bend and welded with one click

Sheet metal cut, bend and welded with one click

Welding sheet metal was a service we where offering to those customers that requested it particularly.
Many of our MetalsCut4U customers needed that sheet metal bend to a tray / box and the corners welded.

sheet metal welding tray box aluminum, steel, stainless steel

We are happy to announce - your tray / box can now be ordered online with the option to be welded.

By just clicking on the option the corners of your tray / box will be welded and cleaned for you prior to us sending
it to you. it can't get any easier to order a individual sheet metal tray / box.

sheet metal tray box welding option

You can order the tray in 3 different sheet metal kinds

- Aluminum
- Steel and
- Stainless Steel

Choose the tray / box option and enter the measurements your require.
If you want the corners to be welded together click on the given option.

That's it.

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