Sheet Metal Fabrication Highlights of the Week

Sheet Metal Fabrication Highlights of the Week

Online customers from all over the nation order metal parts online here are some highlights

Custom cut and bend Z Channel made out of Aluminum sheet metal

Aluminum custom made Z channel

Custom cut and bend Aluminum Diamond Plate
This was a special project, where the customer wanted the inside of his wooden drawers completely covered with Aluminum Diamond plate.
Accuracy and welding where key in this project.

Aluminum Diamond Plate drawer cover

Custom laser cut Stainless Steel Rings

We almost never know what the metal parts we for, when they get ordered. But apparently the customized size of these rings where key for our customer.

Stainless Steel custom cut rings

Custom Cut Stainless Steel Frame

Custom laser cut frames are another shape that you can configure online in 4 easy steps and that are ordered multiple times during any given week.
In one particular project we received a picture of the final purpose of such a frame.

Stainless Steel Frame

Custom Laser Cut Stainless Steel Frame for stove

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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