Sheet Metal Gauge Chart Guide And How to Customize Your Own Metal Part Online

The world has shifted to being digital. Everything can be bought online now. Thanks to the pandemic, we have evolved in ways we never thought possible. From your groceries, clothes, and now metal parts, you can order it all online. However, when it comes to ordering something as crucial as a metal part, you need to look out for various aspects.

First thing, customizing a metal part online involves a lot of technicalities which only a well-experienced metal assure perfection. Be it the right knowledge of the sheet metal gauge chart or understanding your requirement in the best way possible, a good metal fabricator will understand every intricacy that goes into fabricating the perfect metal part. To customize the metal part that you require, you need to know the basics of customizing a metal part online. In this blog, we will understand what is sheet metal gauge and metal gauge chart. Let us get started. 

What is a Sheet Metal Gauge?

In simple terms, a sheet metal gauge is the ‘thickness of the sheet metal. The higher the number, the thinner the sheet metal. Gauges are the independent values that determine the thickness of the sheet metal in terms of inches or millimeters. Your metal fabricator will refer to the steel gauge chart before customizing the metal part. There are various gauge systems used today, the measurements also differ depending upon the metal type being used

Sheet Metal Gauge Chart: (Size)

Stainless Steel Gauge Chart

Inches MM
0 0.3125 7.938
2 0.2656 6.746
4 0.2344 5.954
6 0.2031 5.159
8 0.1719 4.366
10 0.1406 3.571
12 0.1094 2.779
14 0.0781 1.984
16 0.0625 1.588

Aluminum Gauge Chart

Inches MM
0 0.3249 8.252
2 0.2576 6.543
4 0.2043 5.189
6 0.162 4.115
8 0.1285 3.264
10 0.1019 2.588
12 0.0808 2.052
14 0.0641 1.628
16 0.0508 1.29

Galvanized Steel Chart

Inches MM
8 0.1681 4.27
10 0.1382 3.51
12 0.1084 2.753
14 0.0785 1.994
16 0.0635 1.613
18 0.0516 1.311
20 0.0396 1.006
22 0.0336 0.853
24 0.0276 0.701

Carbon Steel Gauge Chart

Inches MM
8 0.1644 4.175
10 0.1345 3.416
12 0.1046 2.656
14 0.0747 1.897
16 0.0598 1.518
18 0.0478 1.214
20 0.0359 0.911
22 0.0299 0.759
24 0.0239 0.607

Moving on, we have answered a few of the most common questions related to sheet metal gauges.

How Can Metal Gauge Impact Your DIY Project?

While customizing a metal part on our website, you will have an understanding of where and how you want to use it. For example, if you want to customize a stainless steel backsplash, it cannot be made with the highest gauge steel. This is because you need a metal gauge chart to determine the correct metal gauge thickness of the stainless steel backsplash so that it can be attached to your kitchen wall and last for years to come.   

14 Gauge vs 16 Gauge: Which One is Thicker?

As mentioned earlier, the thickness of steel diminishes as the gauge increases. Hence 14 gauge is thicker than 16 gauge. 

How to choose the right gauge sheet metal for your fabrication project?

Sheet metal is a flexible metal that can be cut, bent and shaped as per your desire. It is made into flat pieces that come in various sizes and thicknesses. The sheet metal gauge will differ depending on the type of metal you are working with. At MetalsCut4U, our team of fabricators specialize in sheet metal fabrication and have customized various metal parts according to clients requirements. You can follow our four step configuration process to customize a metal part as per your requirements. Sheet metal is used to fabricate various metal products like a metal toolbox, architectural purposes, tabletops, countertops, metal corner guards etc. each product should have its own thickness according to the requirements. Sheet metal is highly flexible in terms of fabrication, hence you can customize various shapes with the help of sheet metal. 

The thickness (gauge) of the sheet metal will depend on individual requirements. It will be different depending upon the application and the functionality you’re looking for. If you have a DIY project in mind and you’re not sure about the steel gauge you can get in touch with us and we will help you to figure out the right steel gauge for you. If you are going for more of a rigid metal part such as a stainless steel backsplash then you would want to go with something thicker or lower gauge sheet metal. This will assure that the metal part is sturdy and durable. 

If you are looking for something that has different curves such as a U channel metal or a metal corner guard then you need to go for something a little thinner. You also want to consider the weather conditions as it also has a huge impact on the type of metal and gauge you choose. 

Our 4 step configuration process

We are all familiar with the concept of getting things done online, it is convenient and easy. The good news is that even DIY enthusiasts these days can get metal parts fabricated online. This is mainly because configuring a metal part online has enabled you to get what you need from the comfort of your home or office. If you want to customize steel sheets, it can be difficult to do the same at a local fabricator. This is because the local fabricator will not be able to cater to your individual requirements. Especially when you ask them to only fabricate /cut one or two units of it. 

When you work on a DIY project, you may need a metal part that is cut and bent in various shapes and sizes. At MetalsCut4U, you will be able to get your metal products fabricated very precisely. They use the latest laser cutting technology which makes it easy to cut all of the metal products to the exact size required. Our online configuration process makes it easy for you to get the desired part from the comfort of your home. At, you can configure 14 different shapes of metal-based on your requirements.

The 14 different shapes on our website are configurable by specifying the outside dimensions. You can also add holes and other cutouts to the specified shape. This feature makes the metal part ready to install as soon as you receive it. For example, you need a metal frame. The process of configuring your metal part online is quite simple and it will allow you to specify measurements for each side of the metal part. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step configuration procedure on To begin you need to select the type of metal that you want to work with. Then in the second step, you need to select the available finish. Then followed by choosing the thickness of the metal part. In the fourth and last step, you select the frame from the offered 14 different shapes and enter the measurements required to specify your metal frame. There you go, it's done!

It is very important to know that you choose a metal fabricator that can help you in configuring almost any metal shape. You can buy a metal sheet for sale and configure various shapes. When you are able to get proper customization for your metal products, it becomes very easy to carry out your DIY project effectively and ensure that there are no errors. Metal fabrication is a delicate job. Hence, it requires extensive skills and knowledge to make sure that the metal product is customized as per your specifications. 

 For further questions or to know more about our metal laser cutting services, get in touch with us!

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