Sheet Metal Projects With A Bend

Sheet Metal Projects With A Bend

Sheet Metal Projects With A Bend

When talking about sheet metal with a bend, we are talking about an Angle, Bracket or even a U-Channel, J-Channel and Z-Channel.

Angle, Bracket Aluminum Diamond Plate

You don't need to buy an angle which really does not work for your DIY project. You can configure the metal angle you need in 4 easy steps.
Everything with an angle is configurable.
The two sides of an angle can have different dimensions. The angle does not even have to have a right angle - choose the degree (bend radius) of angle the way you need it.

As with every shape you can configure online your choice of metal, finish and thickness is totally up to you.
Just choose in step 1-3 the specs you need.

In step 4 you choose the shape. Besides the Angle which you can configure online you have the option to configure a Z-Channel, Hat-Channel and of course a U-Channel.

All within the 4 easy steps. Enter your individual specifications / measurements the way you need the shape to be.
Here are a few example of customers who order their metal part online.

Stainless Steel Angle

U-Channel, J-Channel Aluminum

Z-Channel Steel

Hat-Channel, Aluminum

Sheet Metal - we cut it - we bend it - we weld it - 4U

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