Shipping Cost Of Custom Fabricated Sheet Metal

Shipping Cost Of Custom Fabricated Sheet Metal

Shipping Cost of custom cut sheet metal is influenced by different parameters

Packaged custom cut Sheet metal

There is the kind of sheet metal you choose. Depending on the metal kind you need for your DIY project there is a difference in weight if you order aluminum stainless steel or carbon steel.

The size of the custom cut sheet metal. Obviously there is a difference if you need a 10" long piece of a hat channel or if it is 80" inch long.

The shipping address plays a role: If you happen to have a residenz in Florida the shipping distance is shorter then the shipping something to California or even Hawaii.

In any case you do not have to be surprised by the shipping cost. Without any commitment you can configure the part you need with our easy 4 step configuration process for 14 different shapes of sheet metal.
Place it into the shopping cart and then go to the shopping cart.

You will see a shipping cost estimator right next to the configured metal item you just have configured. Enter your state and ZIP code and click on "Estimate"
You will instantly get the shipping cost calculated based on weight, size and you zip code.

shipping cost calculator

That's how easy it is.

Here have a look at how the whole sheet metal configuration and ordering process works.

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