Stainless Steel Giant Russian Prana Pyramid - A Customer Gives some Background

Stainless Steel Giant Russian Prana Pyramid - A Customer Gives some Background

Stainless Steel Giant Russian Prana Pyramid - A Customer Gives some Background

here is the science and application behind it. Thank you for helping me create a positive device that helps heal this world.

Stainless Steel Pyramid
Stainless Steel Pyramid Just received the pyramid mold today. It's amazing! Such professionalism and high quality! Beautiful! Thank you guys so much! I will most likely be coming back to ask you for more services in the near future and I will recommend you to others!

- Lenny

Background information

There is a thing called orgone energy as discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the middle part of the last century. It's also called prana, zero point energy, chi, ki, and tachyon energy. It's basically all different names for universal energy or consciousness that flows in and out of all living things. It's basically "The Force" in Star Wars. In science, it's identified as the quantum field. This energy flows in an out of our material world through monoatomic minerals, which act as an interface between consciousness and matter. Monoatomic minerals are highly concentrated in the human brain (which is why and how we create our own reality), as well as volcanic rock, seawater, chlorophyll, crystals, fermented tissue, and spring water. The anatomy of raw natural crystals contains a thing called the lattice structure. This structure houses the monoatomics in them. Monoatomic minerals are the opposite of polyatomic. Most metal molecules form a 3 dimensional grid pattern cluster due to the magnetic nature of metals, but under certain circumstances, such as water being spun into a vortex or certain plants being fermented, certain metals change polarity and become monoatomic and act as a singularity....alone, and they are stable as single atoms. Under such conditions, we have things like monoatomic gold and other metals that have an appearance like powdered ceramic rather than their familiar structure we see as standard gold, bronze, silver elements, etc. Monoatomic minerals are highly rejuvenating, superconductive, and healing to living organisms. In water out in India next to mountains, the water at the base of the mountains are high in monoatomics, and the water literally levitates up the rock to form springs up at the peak and surrounding areas.

When crystals are put in a highly pressurized environment such as a fiberglass resin matrix, it shrinks when it dries, and thus squeezes on the crystals. We then get an electricity called piezoelectricity. And, like anything else, some rocks and stones are higher in piezoelectric potential than others. Quartz being among the highest. When the piezoelectric energy from the monoatomics inside the crystals are released from the squeezing of the dried resin, they come into contact with the metal powders or shavings in the orgonite that serve to create harmonic resonance, which smoothens out the signal that under normal circumstances, comes out in fractals. Powders are more powerful than shavings due to the fact of the casimir effect in quantum physics which is when you put two metal plates close enough, it creates scalar fields. Scalar fields are the same thing as orgone energy. The finer the metal particles, the more density it covers because it spreads out finer and allows more space inbetween each particle. The copper wire surrounding the main middle crystal in pyramids helps to serve to direct the energy towards the point of the crystal, which is aimed at the sky. Much like the barrel of a gun directing the trajectory of a bullet.

Stainless Steel Pyramid finishedNow, in addition to the piezoelectricity being released, it releases negative ions. When any living organism encounters a negative charge, healing, health, and harmony result inside the organism. When we are faced with a positive charge, disease and stress in the body are the results. For an example, chemtrail sprays put out positive ions and crystals put out negative ions. In addition to this, the pyramid shape itself in the golden ratio of phi and and pi, creates a double helix energy signal in the sky similar to the structure of our DNA. This winding structure then creates a vortex upon encountering the upper atmosphere.

An addition to this, living organisms like you and me are electromagnetic in nature. We have north and south polarities to our bodies. When we come into contact with a positive charge (positive ions), disease and disharmony are created. When we come into contact with negative charge (negative ions), health is created. Orgonite puts out negative ions. When they come into contact with disharmonious EMF radiation from wireless electronics such as cell phones, IPADS, internet routers, desktops, laptops, and Nooks, the orgonite makes the chaotic destructive energy wave release that would normally be damaging to our DNA and cooking the water in our cells more parallel so they pass through the body more quieter. This is a process called quantum coherence. In addition to it's benefits in making wireless electronics and electrical appliances less destructive to living organisms, it also strengthens plant growth and animals, destresses living things, energetically charges water, helps in meditation as well as sleep. Some have even reported that aches and pains are gone with the constant application of properly made prana devices on injured areas of the body. Pucks are small portable muffin shaped devices which are portable, but pyramids are larger and more powerful by contrast.

The difference between Russian and Egyptian style pyramids is that the Russian is more taller and thinner so the energy goes up higher and the Egyptian is more flatter so the energy grounds out more to the sides. But both styles have the energy leaving in all directions....just in different consistencies. So, how to apply these devices is very simple: put a pyramid on a night stand near where you sleep if you want to increase the quality and sometimes length of your sleep. Put them near plants for healthier, stronger plants. You can put a prana device near any wireless electronic device and it will make it safer to be near. You can use it in meditation by holding the device in your lap and mentally sending your energy through the pyramid to charge with your own energy or mentally direct the energy that comes from the pyramid to a focal point for energy or any other specific aid. And, as I have said, you can put it near or under food or drinks to make them charged energetically. There is a way to scientifically test the energy of orgonite, but it's in the reverse way than the conventional. We don't have scientific instruments sophisticated enough to test the output from the devices themselves, but you can do biological testing on yourself to show the differences from being in the presence of an orgonite device. Live blood cell analysis, Kirlian photography, QXCI SCIO scan, Asyra Pro scan, or other quantum biofeedback. There are others, but not typical medical lab tests. You have do the test on yourself before exposure, and then right after with the device in hand. The same test can be also done with plants and animals.

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