The Easiest Way To Configure a Metal Part Online

The Easiest Way To Configure a Metal Part Online is one of its kind online platform for metal DIY enthusiasts. We can help you custom fabricating to the needs of most of your DIY project requirements. When you work with us you can rely on us for accuracy and perfection. Unlike most metal fabricators who only deal in bulk orders and only deal with B2B client needs- we have come up with this unique concept where people who need only a single unit of the metal part can get their part fabricated. 


Most metal fabricators in the market take only bulk orders and they can provide industrial fabrication services only. They do not understand the concept of configuring a single metal part based on your requirements. On the other hand, we offer an online laser cutting services that allows you to configure 14 shapes of metal online by specifying the measurements in an easy 4 step process. 


Our team has a vast knowledge of fabricating even the smallest metal parts which you may need for your DIY projects. It does not matter if you need only one unit of a metal part, we will fabricate it for you. 


Be it something as simple as a metal corner guard or a stainless steel backsplash, can cater to all your fabrication needs. You can very easily configure the metal part online based on your requirements. Our four-step configuration system is very easy to understand. This detailed configuration process helps us to understand your exact requirements and allows our team to work accordingly. 


Insight on our four-step configuration process


Let us elaborate on the configuration process for you so that you can get a better idea on how you can customize a metal part online


Step one:


When you start configuring the metal part, you will begin by choosing the type of metal you want to work with. The three available options that you will find are:

Stainless Steel BacksplashStainless Steel Corner Guard

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel 


You need to choose the metal part based on your project requirements. 


Step two:


Next, you need to choose the surface type of metal you want to work with. There are different types of finishes you can choose from based on the metal you have selected. A mill finish is a classic plain finish or you can go for thread/diamond plate finish. The aluminum diamond plate is one of our best selling products. If you choose stainless steel you have the choice between a brushed and a mirror finish.


Step three:


Once the type of finish is selected, you will need to select the thickness of the sheet metal. The thickness of the metal will again depend on the type of project you are working for. Always remember that these sheets of metal will be configured in the desired shape so make sure that you choose the thickness accordingly. 



Step four:


The next step is to decide the type of shape you want to configure. Once the shape is decided, you can provide us the exact measurements of each dimension so that the fabrication process can be as precise as possible. 

Metal shapes


Place your order with us today and get your hands on great quality metal parts. Whether you want to configure a metal corner guards or a stainless steel backsplash we are happy to help.

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