The quote process at MetalsCut4U

The quote process at MetalsCut4U

MetalsCut4U offers their customers the possibility to get a free quote.

A quote comes into the equation when our 14 different forms you can configure online is not enough, because you need a little more. Maybe you need a hole or a cutout or you need something like a sign or a special shape.

That is no issue at all!
All you need to do is to send us a sketch or a drawing with all the measurements necessary.

Custom Drawing of Metal Part Design

What we need to send you a free quote:

- We need a drawing specifying what you really need by drawing up a sketch or a drawing in either of the
following file formats: PDF, dxf or dwg.
- Specify the metal you want your individual metal part to be fabricated in.
- Provide us your billing and shipping address so we can also calculate your shipping cost.

Once we received your request, we will start calculating and send you a free quote.
If you like the quote you can place your order online by login into our system with the then provided login and password.
Go to the My Quote section in the protected environment and accept the quote.
Enter your payment method and place the order.


If you have questions to this process do not hesitate to contact us.

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