We are live - Welcome to our New Website

We are live - Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our NEW Website!

At MetalsCut4U we aim to serve you best.
Our service is to custom fabricate the 14 configurable metal shapes which you can find on our website.
But we also provide services for shapes and ideas that only you can come up with. So please send us your drawing/sketch so we can anticipate if we can help you.

U-Channel configuration sample

Having said that we want to make clear one more time that our laser cutting service works only based on your order. Once you have specified your measurements we start to laser cut, bend and or weld the metal part you have configured online. So there is nothing in our shelves except the sheet metal you can choose from online.

Every item is individually fabricated and shipped to you nationwide.

Talking about individually!

A few months back we introduced the functionality to add holes and other cutouts to certain shapes.
This allowed, for instance, to add drill holes for a kick plate or kitchen backsplash you had in mind.

With the new look and feel of our website we are now adding additional functionality to all shapes not only the 2-dimensional shapes like the rectangle or the circle you can now add holes and other cutouts to the

- Angle also know as the Corner Guard
- Z-Channel
- U-channel also  known as C-Channel or J-Channel
- Hat-Channel and last but not least our popular
- Tray / box

Say you need a new stainless steel corner guard, you will probably have to attach it somehow to the corner - Right?
Well, now you can determine the size and the position of the holes you want all in one simple step.
Just click after you have defined the outside measurements and the actual bend radius the button “Customize my shape” and start adding and positioning the cutouts as you wish.

Save your work and calculate the price for your customized metal corner guard.

You can even have a look at the shape in 3D and move the object to see it from all the different angles.

We added so much functionality to make your visit on MetalsCut4U.com so much more informative, intuitive and shareable by keeping one very important promise. Providing you to most easiest way to get a custom fabricated metal part you need.

We would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

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