We love customer projects - Individual Kitchen Backsplash

We love customer projects - Individual Kitchen Backsplash

We love customer projects - Individual Kitchen Backsplash

It is always great when we get to see how a project looks after we have provided a custom metal part for the DIY project you have had in mind.

In this particular project, it was a simple bend metal angle cut and bend out of stainless steel where the cosmetic finish was defined by the customer to be on the inside.

As always we follow the instructions our customer give us on the website. (If you have not tried and read about it you can go to this page and find out how easy it is. https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-angle )

So after the part is programmed for the laser the laser will be cutting it to the size that is required.
The second step is bending the flat piece of metal to the measurements that were defined taking into account the bend radius and where the cosmetic side needed to be.

Stainless Steel angle

The end result after cleaning and deburring the part looks like the above picture.
Savely wrapped and shipped to the customer.

At this point, we usually never get feedback from the customer showing us where the individual metal was used or implemented or for that matter what it was used for.
But this time it was a little different.

The customer was so kind and send us the final installation of his project.
Turned out to be not at all what could have been expected. The customized angle with a 90-degree angle was actually part of a kitchen backsplash.

Kitchen Backsplash - Angel

What a creative way of using a simple angel as a backsplash!

If you have a DIY project and ordered (or plan to order) one of our 14 different shapes you can configure online then send us your pictures. We will be delighted to feature your project here.

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