Welding sheet metal to a unique metal part to your specifications

Welding sheet metal to a unique metal part to your specifications

Is MetalsCut4U offering to weld sheet metal to your specs?
The fast answer is YES.

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To get your individual metal part cut, bend and even welded you will have to do these steps

a) best is you can provide us with a drawing of what you want us to do with the sheet metal of your choice. Give us as much information as possible like: the metal kind you would like (Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel). Tell us something about the thickness and the surface (if applicable).
and don't forget the measurements on your drawing.

b) send your drawing to us, You have two options to send us your drawing with an request for a free quote. Use the Individual Request button (it's on our homepage), fill out the details and upload your drawing. Or send us an email to info@metalscut4u.com. Both will do.
The drawing can be a CAD file or you send us a drawing you did by hand.

c) If you want a free quote your name and address and possibly where we could ship it helps us to calculate your free quote.

CAD File, to custom cut sheet metal

<-- CAD drawing -- Hand drawing --> Hand drawing, custom cut sheet metal frame

d) tell us how and where you want us to weld your custom cut metal part. If it is possible we will do it.


We offer the process of welding for individual custom cut projects as well for the online orderable tray/box you can configure instantly on our website.
Try it!

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