Where To Use Steel Channels For Your Home Or Office Premises?

Where To Use Steel Channels For Your Home Or Office Premises?

Where To Use Steel Channels For Your Home Or Office Premises?

You probably are aware that you can get standardized steel channels and other metal channels at your local DIY - shop. But what happens if you need something special, out of the norm?

Aluminum Diamond Plate Angle Bracket Channel

There are various types of channels available such as a steel u channel in the market and are widely used in different applications- industrial, manufacturing, engineering and custom DIY projects.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss some of the applications of the steel channels:

The U-Channel:

Of course, you don’t want that standardized U channel that is available in the market. It does not fit in your project requirements. You are looking for a customized steel U channel that matches your needs. You can configure your steel U channel on this website. Just provide your measurements and you’re all set to receive the steel U channel you have configured online.

U channels are widely used in construction and manufacturing applications. Also, it is used in home DIY decorative elements and for framing materials.

custom U Channel

custom u-channel larger

custom U-channel - J-Channel

The Hat Channel:

The hat channel is also referred as furring channel. Due to its shape of a hat, it is typically called hat channel. We will ensure that we fabricate the hat channel you have specified keith the highest accuracy possible. Hat channels are often used in framing components used for ceiling and masonry walls. In addition to that, it is also used for noncombustible furring for exterior or and interior walls.

Custom Hat Channel

The Z Channel:

The steel Z channel looks like a letter Z and is widely used in construction as well in DIY projects. Generally, it is used in garage doors, window frames, store fixtures, tool boxes and fences. The main use of Z channel is for supports, slides, tracks and framing.

Carbon Steel Z channel

Steel Z-channel custom made

z-channel custom made

stainless steel z channel


Within physical parameters we will be happy to support your DIY projects.
Check out our website MetalsCut4U.com and see what steel channel we can fabricate for you.

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