Stainless Steel Pyramid - The Golden Number

Stainless Steel Pyramid - The Golden Number.

Again MetalsCut4U was asked to help out in a very special project to fabricate stainless steel sheet metal into a pyramid.

Stainless Steel sheet metal pyramide

The customer directed us to a special website talking all about "The Golden Number" and what scientists found thousands of years back and is basis of all our principal mathematics of the number "PI" and "Phi" today

For those who are interested in things like this here is the link

It turned out to be a bigger project than anticipated originally.
The pyramid is open on the bottom, so no sheet metal there.

So we first thought we cut cut two pieces to save on the welding time involved, by first bending half of the pyramid sides in 90 degree angle. In that case we would have had only two welding seems. It turned out that idea was not giving us the results we expected.
We then decided to cut 4 triangles and weld them together. Here is the result

stainless steel pyramid sheet metal Stainless Steel pyramid sheet metal custom made

We think, we did a pretty good job.

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