Steel Sheet Metal Frame Cut To Size To Customers Specs

Cutting A Steel Sheet Metal Frame To Size - Customers Specs

2-3 weeks ago the customer has asked us to cut him a frame out of a stainless steel sheet metal.

Steel Frame for Switch Box

He needed it to get his permit.....

The ordering process in the case you can't find the right shape or form on our website

is a little different. If your requirements are beyond the rectangle, triangle, circle and customized angel and u-channel, z-channel and so on
you need to get in contact with us. The easiest is to go here

In this particular case the customer send us his drawing. And as you can see it does not have to be a CAD file. Although prefered the drawing provided
everything we need to fabricate the sheet metal just the way the customer needed it.

Based in the provided information we then send him an offer and the customer ordered right away.

This is what we send him.

Sheet metal frame, cut to size, custom cut steel

This is how it looks after he has installed the frame exactly where it belongs. "it fits like a good clove" he said.
Thank you for providing your picture to us.

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