What Is The Metal Part Going To Cost?

What Is The Metal Part Going To Cost?

Great question!
There is a long answer and there is a short answer
The cost of any sheet metal part depends on many different factors.

Steel Diamond tread plate

Aluminum sheet

Stainless Steel sheet

1. There is the choice of metal you will take. All 3 Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel have different base prices

2. There is the shape and the size of the shape you want to configure. Obviously there will be a price difference depending on the size of the metal part you are configuring. if it is just a rectangle or a square to be custom laser cut for you, that is less work for us then when we have to add a bend to it, which would be the case if you want an angle, corner guard, Z channel, hat channel or a u channel

3. The size is the next cost factor. The formula there is easy. The larger / wider, the more metal you need the more it will cost.

4. Don't forget the shipping cost. Here the cost factor is the size and the weight of a package.

BUT now to the short answer!

You can configure and build what you need online with 4 easy steps
Choose the metal you want to use for your DIY project
Select the finish / surface and the thickness you need.
Choose one of the 14 shapes we offer that can be configured online and enter the required measurements for the shape you have chosen.

That's it.
Oh!, one more thing.
If you place the configured item into the shopping cart, you can get even an estimate on how much the self configured sheet metal part will cost you.

If you want, you can watch the order ./ configuration steps right here.



You can go to one of the following pages to read it in more detail.

For a rectangle or square click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-rectangle/
For a circle click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-circle/
For a divided or partial circle click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-divided-circle/
For a triangle click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-isosceles-trian...
For a right or left-right triangle click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-right-triangle-...
For a ring click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-ring/
For a frame click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-frame/
For an angle, corner guard or an L-shape click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-angle/
For a U-channel or a J channel click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-u-channel/
For a tray, box or pan click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-tray-box/
For a hat-channel click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-hat-channel/

For a z-channel click here: https://metalscut4u.com/custom-cut-z-channel/

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