Your Individual Sheet Metal Quote For Free

Your Individual Sheet Metal Quote For Free

You probably know by now, that you can order sheet metal (Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel) in 14 different shapes and forms
right on our website - online, 24/7.

Order sheet metal online

But what you also can do, if you need something even more individual, you can send us your drawing.
A drawing should always state the metal you would like to have as well as the thickness - and don't forget the
finish you would prefer.

Your drawing should also show the measurements you would like to have, the detailed the better!
Your drawing can be scanned hand written, or a CAD file in a "dxf" or "dwg" - format.

Based on the given information we will generate a free quote for your individually, planed and cut sheet metal.
You can send us your files via our website
See an example here.

Sheet metal - CAD file dxf

CAD file to cut custom fabricated metal part

After you agree to the price, we start working on your project.

The result is always a happy customer. Often we don't know what our customers do with the sheet metal we have cut, bend and or welded for them
But this time, we would like to show you what the customer did after he received the custom cut sheet metal from us.

We send the customer this. Here are two pictures showing the metal parts right after they got laser cut.

Custom Cut Sheet Metal Laser Cut

Stainless Steel Custom laser cut license plate

Assemble by the customer it looks like this.
At this point we would like to thank the customer for providing the picture to his assembled custom cut sheet metal part.

Custom Cut Sheet metal assembled

If you have a project, that is a little more complex than what our 14 different shapes and forms would cover, do not hesitate to send us
your idea.

Send us an eMail at

Thank you.

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