Z Channel Sheet Metal

How to order a custom cut Z Channel

Custom fabricated Z Channel

Searching for a customized Z Channel? Well, you have landed at the right place! We are the Z channel metal fabricator who allows you to configure your Z Channel online.

What is a Metal Z Channel?

A metal piece cut and bent in the form of a 'Z' . It is used as supports, framing, stiffeners, etc. It gives strength to a structure and helps to provide the desired shape.

How to configure your custom fabricated metal z channel online?

You can configure your sheet metal z channel in 4 simple and easy steps

By choosing

Z-channel Profile Image Right
  1. the sheet metal kind Custom Configuration Step 1
  2. the sheet metal surface and Custom Configuration Step 2
  3. the sheet metal thickness Custom Configuration Step 3
  4. you already have fulfilled 3 out of the 4 easy steps to configure your sheet metal z channel. In the 4 step you choose the z channel to be configured.

    Enter your individual measurements and click on calculate.

    Z-Channel Customization

Enter your measurements either in decimal or fractions.

The sheet metal calculator will give you a price for your custom cut metal z channel including the options you have chosen.

Add them to the shopping cart and either continue to configure the next sheet metal part you need or go to the shopping cart and enter your address and the preferred payment method to order your custom cut sheet metal.

Why get a Metal Z Channel fabricated by MetalsCut4U?

We specialize in providing our customers with custom fabrication sheet metal parts. We are equipped with a wide array of machinery. The metal Z channel is custom fabricated. You determine the size of each side and the total length of the channel. It will be cut to your specifications and bent accordingly.

The Z Channel is fabricated to be used in many different areas.

Metalscut4u offers you to configure the Z Channel, made for instants out of aluminum, you really need.Aluminum Z channel is used in framing, supports, tracks, slides, etc. It is also used in industries such as fences, garage doors, window frames, store fixtures, tool boxes, etc. Aluminum Z channel has proved to be environmentally friendly the lightest weight combined with excellent strength.

You can also build the Z channel out of stainless steel or carbon steel metal.

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