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Everything About Our Custom Cut Sheet Metal Services

How can I get the cost of shipping the sheet metal I need?

That is easy! Once you have configured your individual sheet metal or metal plate you place it in the shopping cart. At that time you will be asked to enter your State and ZIP code. UPS offers different shipment methods. The price will be calculated based on the size and weight of the item(s) you are ordering.

How soon can you ship my order?

While we are aiming to serve you as fast as possible the average order will leave our fabrication site after 15 business days (Mo. - Fr.).

Why is shipping so expensive?

We are talking to the carriers every year and try to get you the best price available. The size and the weight of your sheet metal item is one of the main cost factors, but there are others: like oversize items where you are living and how fast you want it. The least expensive shipment option is prompted to you as a suggestion.

What is the maximum size that I can order?

Considering physical and mechanical limitations we can cut almost as any size you want. We set limits in our sheet metal configurator considering also the shipping part. If it is too large UPS might not handle it. In that case, the system will ask you to contact us directly, so we can find the best and cheapest way to get your customized sheet metal to you.

What is the minimum order quantity

Good question! You can order one or many, small or large. That is exactly why MetalsCut4U is in business. While you as a customer either need to buy a size you don´t need or at a quantity, you will never use up, you can order each configured item just once if that is what you need.

What kind of sheet metal can I order?

We offer Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum sheet metal in different thicknesses and finishes/surfaces. Configure the metal part you need online in 4 easy steps and even add holes and other cutouts if needed.

Which technology do you use to cut my customized item?

We prefer laser cutting technology. We do use sheers and a Punching machine depending on what needs to be cut and the capacity on that particular technology available that day. We may vary on using the different cutting technologies available to use. But you can be sure that it always will have a perfect look!

Can I have something cut which is not selectable through your 4 steps?

Absolutely! All you need to do is to send us an electronic file (.dxf, .dwg or PDF) showing your item you need. It even can be a hand drawing. Based on the file we will provide you an individual free quote.
The file needs to contain all the measurements to determine the size and positioning of i.e. a hole or an inner cut-out of your metal item.
Please also specify the metal kind, surface, and thickness you want us to quote you.

Can I order a metal kind that you are not offering online?

In that case please send us an email, or give us a call. We will check for you and come back as soon as possible.

What happens when the package is damaged on arrival?

In that case, you should file a damage report right then and there with the person who delivered the package or deny the acceptance. In any case please contact us immediately. We will find a solution for you.

I have a complaint how do I go about it?

That is not so good. We are aiming to serve you the best way we can. If it is a complaint you have because there is something wrong with the item you have ordered, you should get in contact with us by email and or by telephone.
Please send us a picture of your item that shows your reason for your complaint. We will handle it from there. Be sure that we will find a satisfying solution for you.

What is your return policy?

If we didn´t cut it right, we will fabricate a new one and ship it to you at no cost to you. If we did it right, and you mismeasured or entered the wrong numbers then we are terribly sorry, but we can not take it back. You ordered an item that was  - made to order for you.

Ordering exactly what you need is a big advantage for you, you get what you really need and do not have to make any compromises, but you will have to make sure that the measurements given to us are correct.

Oh no! my item has a mark and or is scratched on the surface?

That can happen! Although we have a quality assurance process, this is possible. The answer may vary from the kind of metal you have ordered.

Carbon Steel: Carbon Steel will always have marks or scratches on it. During the initial production process and during the cutting process the steel has no protection at all. Also please consider that Carbon Steel underlies corrosion if not sealed.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel: Our sheet metal has two sides one of which is the cosmetic side also called the "good" side. The good side should have a protecting foil on it. If the foil is damaged in a way it has touched the surface, send us a picture and we will find a way to satisfy you as our valued customer.

What happens after I have paid for my order?

Well, first we thank you for your valued business!
After we have received clearance from the payment method you have chosen, we forward your order to our production site. There your item will be drawn in a CAD program to feed the laser cutting machine so it can be cut, bend and possibly welded by the designated technology. Every item needs to be individually handled and translated into the "cutting language" the machine understands. Once finalized your sheet metal order will be safely packaged and made ready for shipment. You should receive an email once we are ready to ship your order. 

Can I pick up my order at your manufacturing plant to save the shipment cost?

Sorry, that will not be possible.

What is the minimum size I can order?

We are cutting with laser technology, which is very precise. Your metal part can be as small as you need it to be. 

What is a "cosmetic" side?

The cosmetic side is the side that should not have any scratches or damages. Aluminum sheet metal and stainless steel sheet metal both have a protecting foil on the "good" side of the metal to prevent scratches. The only exception is the diamond plate versions of our Aluminum sheets, they cannot be protected.

Which file format can I send you?

The most common one in 2D - CAD graph programs is the file format dxf and dwg. But if you do not have a CAD software you can also send us a PDF-file with your hand drawing. Please do not forget to add all the measurements of the sheet metal object you want us to fabricate for you.

Which metal kind can I order with you?

Our standard offering is:

- Aluminum (5052)
- Stainless Steel (304) and 
- Carbon Steel (A1008)
- Galvanized Steel (G90)

all in different thicknesses and surfaces.

What kind of stainless steel alloy will I be ordering?

We are offering you Stainless Steel in the alloy 304. This is the most common one and has the best price/value ratio. It is almost rust proof and is acid-proofed for some acids.
It is most commonly used in kitchens and decorative areas where there is a need for either a clean environment or just has to look good.

What kind of finish/surface will the metal have?

We offer  2 -3 different surfaces per metal kind. Typically it is either a Mill Finish which is basically just the way the metal industry is offering it or a brushed finish, which shows a nice clean structure on the surface. We even offer a mirror finish if you choose Stainless Steel. 

Can I order something that is not in your selection in step 4 of the configuration process?

Absolutely! Send us a 2D drawing or sketch of what you want. Be sure to add the measurements to your sketch and send us that drawing by email. There are 3 file formats we prefer .dxf and .dwg  files are file formats generated by any CAD software. But you can send us also a PDF file. We will have a look at it and come back to you as soon as possible.

I want an additional hole/holes in my sheet metal. How can I order it?

No problem, you can add additional holes and other cutouts after you have specified the shape you need. Click on the "customize my shape" button and directly get access to our simple CAD app. Here is a link on how that works for any shape you need https://youtu.be/xZNXdj51Y0U 

Why does it take you 15 Business Days to ship my order?

You ordered a metal part which we do not have in stock in the size you have ordered it. We fabricate your metal part out of large sheet metal sheets. This process includes the cutting to size and possibly the bending and welding process. This all needs time to do. Your metal part is unique so we will have to fabricate the metal part for you need in the quantity you need it.
It takes a little time to program the cutting machine and set up the machine for your individual sheet metal part. If you need one bend in your item, this is a further fabrication step necessary, before we can pack it and send it off to you. Believe us we will work as fast as possible and won´t delay your order.

How long does it take to ship the item I ordered?

It takes us a minimum lead time of 15 Business days to get your individually cut sheet metal on the road. 

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